Company Brief

Solutions for Building Materials Supplies

The metric tonnage ore deposit resource is over 3,928,050 Metric Tons proven resource category based on the ten meter representative trench drilled. On the other hand the overall resource is over 101,007,000 Metric Tons inferred category based on previous geophysical data which show the continuity of the ore body to a depth of about 180m.
Taking to account the percentage purity of gypsum as tested by SEAMIC laboratory, that samples were of 91.07 % purity. It yields the actual pure gypsum deposit measure and proven resource to be over 3,076,170 Metric Tones and that inferred to be 79,101,508 Metric Tones. With enough resources of proven and probable reserves, it is envisaged that Gypsum Plus Mines Limited will definitely if the resources are extracted and processed using high technology would be considered to be the largest gypsum surface base mining entity in the country.

The gypsum base products shall mainly serve the building industry subsector which include but not limited to cement industries segment and real estate development, like gypsum powder, gypsum board manufacturers within country and export markets such as Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique and DRC Congo etc.

About Us

We are registered as a limited liability company incorporated by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) and existing under the Company Act. No. 12 of 2002 of the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, with the Certificate of Incorporation Number 138506789 issued on 02nd January, 2019.
The company has been registered with the Tanzania Revenue Authorities (TRA) and assigned the Taxpayer Identification Number 138-506-789 with effected from 14th January, 2019.


Our mission is to develop and make effective exploitation of natural endowment through environmental friendly and socially conscious sustainable, reliable and relatively affordable products to be supplied to the business communities while reducing dependence of building materials imports.


To be the pioneer in surface mining oprerations and main supplier of building base material products that transforms resources into modern and environmentally responsible industrial mineral ore based solutions.


Our main objectives are gypsum surface mining operations which include the extraction of gypsum mineral and processing it for sale to needy customers in the building construction, industrial production and social services sector which include health and education sectors, by so doing addressing the rising gypsum demand whithin the country and export market.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Mr. Amini N. Kimaro

Board Chairman & CEO

Ms. Juliette A. Kimaro

Secretary to the Board / Legal Advisor

Mr. Denis A. Kimaro

Board Member

Mr. Edgar A. Kimaro

Board Member

Managment Team

Mr. David Sanga

Chief Accountant

Site Engineers

Core Values


We treat our fellow gypsumseller and customers with dignity and respect.


We express support for our company decisions and programs. We take action with a sense of urgency. We align our day-to-day decisions with overall company goals.


We have a commitment to our customers. We care about them, listen to them and work to anticipate their needs and solve their problems. Customer satisfaction is a priority for everyone in the organization.


We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We embrace change. We are willing to assume additional responsibilities, confront problems and achieve effective results.


Our business and personal principles reflect the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We follow rules and procedures, are honest, keep our commitments, and continually give the best effort.


Our Company is responsible for a long list of innovations in the building materials industry. Through innovation, we will continue to find the better way to find solutions.

Team work

We help create an environment through personal actions that nurtures open communications and enthusiasm. We collaborate and provide feedback in a constructive manner.


By collaborating, communicating and LISTENING. Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) summarized this for us perfectly by saying, “Treat everyone with respect, as if they are your boss, your customer, the founder, your employee. It’s all the same.”


The company is responsible for a long list of innovations in the building materials industry. Through innovation, we will continue to find the better way to find solutions.


The company is responsible for a long list of innovations in building materials industry supplies. Through innovation, we will continue to find the better supply base solutions.