• Mining Enginer

    Job Description

    Conducts research to determine location and methods of extracting minerals, such as metallic ores and non-metallic substances, such as coal, stone, and gravel: Conducts or collaborates in geological exploration, and reviews maps and drilling logs to determine location, size, accessibility, and estimated value of mineral deposit.

    Determines methods to extract minerals, considering factors such as safety, operational costs, deposit characteristics, overburden depth, and surrounding strata. Plans, recommends, and coordinates mining process, type and capacity of haulage equipment, such as power shovels and trucks, and labor utilization. Lays out and directs mine construction operations, such as location and development of shafts, tunnels, chambers, position of excavation benches, and access roads.

    Designs, implements, and monitors facility projects, such as water and power supply, ventilation system, rock-dust and radon gas control, drainage, rail and conveyor systems, and material cleaning, grading, and reduction systems. Devise methods and locations to store and replace excavated soil to reclaim mine sites.

    Analyze labor requirements, equipment needs, and operational costs to compute and prepare annual budget reports. Should apply knowledge of mining engineering to solve problems concerned with environment.

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