• Gypsum Powder Production Line

    The Crusher will break the big-size gypsum ore into small 25mm pieces, and then the small pieces will be sent to the grinder, aftergrinding fine, the qualified raw gypsum ppowdwer will be sent to boilling furnace to calcine, and the unqualified part will be sent to grinder until it's qualified. After calcining, the qualified gypsum powder will be sent to storage or workshop.

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As Food additive, it helps regulate acidity and improve the stability and quality of foods.


Gypsum powder mixed with water makes plaster of Paris, a molding material used to make ornate fixtures to adorn buildings as well as a coating for walls.

Soil Additive

Gypsum is source for sulfur, in plant nutrition and improving crop yield. it reduces aluminum toxicity of soil. its used in improvement of soil aggregation.

Plaster Ceiling Cornice

Gypsum has been used for centuries to decorative elements for buildings.

Helth Sector

It is also used in medicine to make plaster casts to immobilize broken bones while they heal, though many modern orthopedic casts are made of fibre-glass or thermoplastics.


The most common uses of gypsum powder are in building materials such as gypsum board and plaster